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Stroller - Different designs, sizes and purposes of strollers for the comfort of your baby

Transport your little ones with ease in a wide selection of strollers and buggies. Whether you only have one kid or two or even three, the wide selection of strollers, will give you the best of what you need.

With brands such as Quinny Zapp, Akarana Baby and Halford, you will be sure to have the best baby strollers in town.


Mudahkan hari bersiar anda bersama si kecil dengan koleksi kereta sorong kami. Sama ada anda mempunyai seorang, dua orang atau tiga orang anak, koleksi kereta sorong di akan beri anda pilihan yang terbaik.

Dengan jenama seperti Quinny Zapp, Akarana Baby dan Halford, anda pasti akan mempunyai kereta sorong bayi yang terbaik.