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Other Gears - Baby carrier, sling, bouncer, swing, baby walker, high chairs and many other gears

These gears from will make your life easier. From carriers to high chairs and baby walkers, everything you need to make your life easier is here. Be it to take your baby on a day out or teaching your baby on how to walk, you’ll be sure to find all the right baby gears here.

With a wide variety of ranges from multiple brands such as Nuna LEAF and Holabebe, we ensure you that you will only get the best for you and your baby. 


Jadikan aktiviti harian ibu anda lebih senang dengan kemudahan alat yang tersedia di laman web kami. Alat pembawa bayi, kerusi makan bayi dan sebagainya, semua barang barang keperluan untuk bayi anda ada di sini.

Dengan adanya jenama berkualiti tinggi seperti Nuna LEAF dan Holabebe di sini, kami pastikan anda dan bayi anda mendapat hanya yang terbaik.